Our philosophy

Ayudate Investments Group ApS is a Danish holding Company. Located in Copenhagen, we manage investmentes over three continents. The investments primarily focus on projects in Telecommunication and Information Technology.

Our philosophy is: Do not predict the future! Create it!

The Companies we have invested in, or acquired, are active in :

  • Telecommunication wholesale market in Central Europe

  • Delivering turnkey solutions for international carriers

  • Designing and constructing fixed line and mobile data networks for rail, tram and underground infrastructure

  • Customised Work and asset management software for large energy and telecommunication providers based on IBM technology

  • Bespoke software design and coding for IoT and AI solutions.




Ayudate A.s.

Energy Star Ltd.

Masasa & Partners Ltd.

Promontel Invest Zrt.

You can reach us here

Address: Vesterbrogade 149, 1620 KĂžbenhavn V
Tel.: +45 77 34 00 30
E-mail: neil.smith@ayudate.dk